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   Our Mission  

MDCannabis Inc. has a mission deeply rooted in Marie and Allen’s combined 30 years of living and loving cannabis. The duo always wanted to take their passion and make it their life’s work. Understanding the plant’s controversial beginnings and witnessing its growth and acceptance has truly given the MD Team a deep appreciation of the industry and wish to ensure the plant is continued to be used in the right way for the right reasons. Our mission is simple to educate and to grow. 


The MD Team, volunteers extensively with non-profit organizations to educate those most impacted by the War on Drugs and the public about this new emerging industry. They continue to teach and provide teaching resources to those seeking to learn the ins and outs of this market. In doing so they provide the building blocks for others to break into this market. 


MDCannabis Inc. looks to continue to create successful sustainable companies which will give back to the communities. Sustainability means several things to MDCannabis Inc., the first is to  be equitable for all those involved, the second is caring about our environmental impact to sustain the world we live in and lastly, sustaining the plant that provides so much for so many by continuing to provide our clientele with the highest quality possible.




Operational Management

  • POS Systems Consulting - With Metrc Integration

  • Standardized Operational Procedures Creation and Adoption 

  • POS System and SOP Training 

  • Recommended ECommerce Integrations 

  • Menu Creation and Management 

  • AP/AR Best Practices 

  • Efficiency / Cost Saving Analysis

  • Marketing / Sales Strategies 

  • Inventory Management / Appropriate Use of Inventory 

  • Quality Management 

  • Dispatch Consulting

Retail/Delivery Startup

  • Pro-Forma Consulting

    • Outlining Initial Operating Costs 

    • Outlining Ongoing Costs

    • Revenue Projections 

    • Costs of Goods Sold

    • Employee Overhead

    • Potential Space and or Building Costs 

  • Permit Acquisition 

  • Market Analysis

  • Strategy Consulting

  • Understanding the Supply Chain 

  • Business Plan Consulting

Brand Creation

  •  Production

    • Strain Development / Procurement 

    • Packaging / Jarring

    • Processing

    • Manufacturing 

    • Distribution Consulting 

    • Sales Projections 

  • Brand Design 

    • Logo Creation 

    • Typography 

    • Label Design 

    • Packaging Design 

    • Brand Personification 

    • Tagline and Story


   Our Team  


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500 Terry Francois Street

San Francisco, CA  94158



Tel: 123-456-7890

Fax: 123-456-7890

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